Our Danes and Toys are all part of the family; all spoiled with love, living inside with us...
Breeding and living with all our beautiful canine children is definitely a Passion for us.
We have retired from breeding Great Danes now,
But continue to breed our
, and Chinese Cresteds.


Our Family

We are a very happy family of equality, and much diversity; as you will see in the photos as you scroll down through this page.

Our couch potatos come in many sizes and shapes.  lol

We share our chairs, even with our humans, sometimes...

But sometimes, just one pillow will suffice.

Much love here...

This is our little Gloree; she adopts any new baby that comes into our family.  

Hmmmff...  They play too much!

And then there are days that the TV just isn't nearly as intersting as watching a puppy grow.


Bulletin Board of New Litters Coming, and Litters Here

Please contact me 

(TEXT ONLY, and ONLY Between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm) 

at: (828) 423-8528

to find out what puppies I have available.
Thank you :-)